Nifty AR-15 Cleaning Tool

I am intrigued by this tool originally brought to the community by The Firearm Blog:

I am an anal retentive gun cleaner, when I set out to clean. I get over this obsession by trying not to think about it. But when I tear down a gun for cleaning, I want everything immaculate. This tool would seem to be tailor made for the anal retentive.

I say that because I’ve never been convinced that buildup on that particular part mattered in terms of function and reliability of the system. Certainly the rings need to be clean, but do you care about the part that shown being clean in the video?

7 thoughts on “Nifty AR-15 Cleaning Tool”

  1. I am an anal retentive gun cleaner. I envy people who don’t feel the need to clean and are not horrified by corrosion. I have this deep feeling of guilt if I find rust on my guns. I need help … ;)

  2. There’s a difference between carbon buildup that has zero effect on function and allowing the weapon to rust.

    Thirdpower has it, this would be a good tool for soldiers or Marines with “white glove” school of thought armorers.

  3. That tool looked like it removed the finish and therefore would lead to rust. I will stick to a brass brush and solvent.

  4. You do care sometimes because it is the one part of the bolt you can’t get perfectly clean.

    Luckily where I live rust is a non-issue since there is never any humidity in the air. Case in point I have a mosin I have not touched in 2 years, never oiled it, not a speck of rust.

  5. What that thing is doing to the tail of the bolt is stripping off the parkerization and surface hardening.

    There’s a reason those things are there.

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