Oregon Campus Carry Already Having Positive Effects

You may have heard that the Court of Appeals in Oregon threw out the campus carry bans because the were preempted by state law. They thew the rule out on preemption grounds and did not reach whether the Second Amendment was implicated. You have to wonder if not wanting to dive into Second Amendment analysis might have been a small motivation for ruling in favor of the plaintiffs.

Either way, I’m pleased to report that the ruling is having a positive effect already. If you could take hysterics, and harness it as an energy source, our opponents could have us energy independent inside a couple of weeks.

One thought on “Oregon Campus Carry Already Having Positive Effects”

  1. My attempted post that had not been approved yet : “”If you are a college student, how safe would you feel knowing that the people around you on campus may be armed with loaded handguns? In class? At football games? At on-campus parties? In university judicial hearings? Even in campus daycare?”

    Yes I would feel more safe with concealed carry than not.””

    That comment in direct response to his question fell victim to reasoned discourse. I can’t believe that simply answering his question is verboten.

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