4 thoughts on “Green Jobs”

  1. The whole Solyndra scam was a Green Potemkin Village built with our money: “Lookee here Folks, it’s Greenz Yobs! Theyz Makin’ Kleen Big-Bucks!”

  2. When they outlawed incandescent bulbs they created quite a few green jobs for the Chinese and their CFL factories.

    “We never told you where the green jobs would be created!”

  3. They are already saying it it Bush’s fault because he started the government program that gave them the money.

  4. The Green Jobs Hoax was outed in Europe but we continue on the same path, doing the same things, and pols here say it will be different, if they admit to the failure in Europe. Mostly they hide from it.

    This is a political movement, not a science-based decision. Power and wealth are being seized for the benefit of a few. The recent results at CERN blow a huge hole in the CO2 hoax and explain at a micro level why solar activity, which is ignored in every model used by “climate change” enthusiasts (to include NASA’s flunk Mr. Hansen), has the best unadjusted, unforced correlation with actual temperatures.

    There is a reason Algore won’t meet with anyone but fellow travelers. He’s a liar and can’t defend what he is doing.

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