California Carry Permits Jump in Two Counties

Two counties recently went shall-issue in California, thanks to pressure from the CalGuns folks. Both those counties have experienced an increase in the number of permits issued. To date I have not heard any reports of the streets of Sacramento running red with blood from permit holders going off half-cocked and shooting people in arguments over parking spaces. But still, UC Davis professor Garen Wintemute is making excuses:

“There are a lot of steps between loosening a policy and seeing something different in the ER,” said Wintemute, an emergency room physician.

Research doesn’t clearly support changes in crime rates, up or down. “We don’t know,” Wintemute said.

This story has been repeated over and over again, and they’ll never just admit they were wrong.

6 thoughts on “California Carry Permits Jump in Two Counties”

  1. It’s hard to admit that you’re wrong while asking people to donate to your cause. This is why there is not grassroots support for gun grabbers. 80% of the population sees it for what it is, a big charade. Without the “foundation” financial support these groups would be nothing more than a twitter account full of lunacy.

  2. Seeing something different in the ER? Wintemute is full of crap. The gangbangers who run around shooting each other all the time, thus sending each other to the ER daily, have never had CCW permits, but they have always had all the guns they want despite all the laws to the contrary. They have thrived under the government’s misdirected efforts against law-abiding gun owners, which has taken the heat off of them and their routinely, even casually, murderous behavior.
    Wintemute is a professional Chicken Little with a vested financial interest in warning that the is sky is going to fall if the gun laws are relaxed. When the sky doesn’t fall, he of course, still warns that it might, eventually fall, some day, most likely, you can bet on it.
    Someone should do a book detailing the history of his politically correct, according to Marxist values, claims and how they fail to match reality.
    When, “We don’t know.” is the best that a “gun control booster” can say, you know that he’s full of it.

  3. It is indeed a shame that when a gun-grabber/Stalinist/control freak (but then I repeat myself) says, “I don’t know”, he is not hurled into the abyss like in that Monty Python movie.

    “’There are a lot of steps between loosening a policy and seeing something different in the ER,’ said Wintemute, an emergency room physician.”
    There are indeed a lot of steps, which is why Shall Issue hasn’t resulted in blood in the streets in any of the other oh, 38 (or more?) states it’s been initiated in.

  4. Good! Go Sacto County Sheriff Scott Jones and elDorado County John D’Agostini!! In both counties, elections for sheriff were dominated by the weapons permit issue. Critics of concealed weapon permits were scarce. They’re doing exactly what they’re supposed to do.
    A criminal can’t be forced to incriminate him/herself, so carrying an illegal gun for them is moot, especially when the Justice System doesn’t do anything but use it as a trading point of tit-for-tat among Prosecutors and Defense Attorneys.

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