Loss of an Icon

Joey Vento, the proprietor of Geno’s Steaks in Philadelphia, died of a heart attack. Wyatt Notes:

While he was definitely old school in his views, Joey was a terrific man. He always went out of his way to support the city’s police officers and firefighters, and loved this city very much.

I still remember meeting Wyatt and Rightwingprof at Geno’s a few years ago, before Rightwingprof passed away from cancer. While the news is certainly sad, if my main business were peddling cheesesteaks, I can’t think of a more poetic way to go. Better than cancer, to be sure, which I’ve seen enough people die from to think much of.

2 thoughts on “Loss of an Icon”

  1. Not only does Geno’s have the best cheesesteaks on earth, I love the place because Vento was a great American. Such sad news. I’ll never forget the first time I went there and saw the memorial for Daniel Faulkner with the correct and appropriate “Murdered by Mumia Abu Jamal.” I told my girlfriend (now wife) “I like this place.”

  2. Joey had surgery for colon cancer early this year, but yeah, if you’re going to go, a heart attack is better than cancer. I despise that despicable disease.

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