Raising them Right

In response to a post from yesterday, a friend in Illinois sends this along with the caption, “My 8 year old trying to talk me out of my MAC-10”:

Good finger off the trigger discipline. Looks to be good muzzle discipline. Glad to see some people are raising their kids right these days. I present this to you in order to horrify the gun control folks who I know sometimes follow this site.

7 Responses to “Raising them Right”

  1. Stew says:

    The jealous. I has it.

  2. TIM says:

    Nice picture.Good to see another generation of gun lovers.Thats one heck of a copy machine you got there in the background.

  3. Chiburbian says:

    Tim, good eye. I won’t reveal the owner of the kid or the copier, but suffice to say that copier is put to GOOD use. :)

  4. Sebastian says:

    Yeah, I’ll second what Chiburbian says :)

  5. John Connor says:

    Thanks for the comments. Dad still wouldn’t give up the gun.

    maybe next time. Have to get a new pic.

  6. McThag says:

    I didn’t have a MAC-10 when I was a kid. I knew my parents abused me.


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