Response to “The Secret History of Guns”

The Battle Swarm Blog recently asked Clayton Cramer to respond to Prof. Adam Winkler’s article “The Secret History of Guns,” and got a response. I recommend reading both. Professor Winkler is not a person I’d classify as part of our movement, but he’s made some useful contributions to the debate. I’d classify him as a moderate. Clayton Cramer has been citied in a number of Second Amendment cases, including Heller, McDonald, and Ezell.

2 thoughts on “Response to “The Secret History of Guns””

  1. I’m embarrassed that I did not know that a federal 1792 law (Militia Act?) compelled private citizens to purchase arms. I would’ve curious if this applied only to those who volunteered to serve in the Article 1, sec 8 Select Militia (I. e. National Guard) and not the Amendment 2 general or enrolled militia (see also USC Title 10, Section 311, para. b, sub-paragraphs 1 and 2). I shallf the former, Winkler’s criticism holds no water. If the latter, he has a formidable criticism, indeed. I’ll try to find out.

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