Veteran Denied Second Amendment Rights

Garry McCarthy think federal gun laws are racist. By contrast Chicago’s are just fine by him. For Chicago’s un-racist gun laws, they seem to be denying an awful lot of African Americans:

He once legally owned a gun, but lost his privileges roughly 15 years ago after firing a gun in his backyard to scare a pack of dogs. Since then, he said, there’s been incident after incident at his home, including fires, broken windows and other disturbances.

I heard his attorney last night on Cam & Company, and his line of argument is that such a minor ordinance violation, such as this one, cannot be grounds for denying a fundamental constitutional right. That sounds like a good line of reasoning.

4 thoughts on “Veteran Denied Second Amendment Rights”

  1. “He once legally owned a gun, but lost his privileges . . .”

    Well, there’s your problem! It’s not a privilege! It’s a right! And it’s not some commie collectivist right that’s not worth crap, as peddled by Marxist crap merchants! It’s an individual right, which means that it means something!
    Chicago would deny people the right to keep and bear arms for littering. They have denied people the right to merely keep arms for no other reason than that they wanted to deny them. The people running Obama’s home town need adult supervision. It’s no wonder that Obama does too.
    Too bad for LaFerena Batchelor that he isn’t associated with the Mexican drug cartels – Obama’s ATF would be sending him an AK, with no paperwork required! Mexican criminals don’t have to ask permission; Americans can’t get it even when they ask. What’s the commie Obamie rationale for that?

  2. Personally, I think all military and Veterans should automatically be allowed National Reciprocity based on their duty and sacrifice alone. But I guess that would be profiling!!

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