How Will We Fight?

Tam notes a story about a school in the UK reprimanding boys for playing army, and ponders whether folks have really thought this through:

I don’t mean to be alarmist or anything, but little Achmed and little Ivan and little Jianjun are not being taught this. Are we planning on interposing an army of unwilling, soft, toothless creatures between us and them in the future? Is that the game plan?

Personally, I’m counting on an army of killer robots to fight our future wars. What could possibly go wrong?

7 thoughts on “How Will We Fight?”

  1. Damn cylons will mate with human, and give us a sucky-ass ending after 4+ seasons of wasted time, that’s what will go wrong.

  2. This must be why British soccer games are such wholesome venues for sportsmanship & friendly competition…

  3. The people who make kids not “play Army” are, I think, the kind of people who think that having an Army (or at least one good enough to be effective) is what makes people want to attack you.

    So they probably have “thought it through”, in their own incompetent way, and figure that “if we don’t have a real Army nobody will attack us, because everyone is basically pacifist, right?

    (I exaggerate a little for effect, but not very much. It’s always boggled me how people can propose such things with a straight face…)

  4. Heh. It gets better – one of our (UK) military satellite networks is actually called Skynet.

    I think we were taking the piss at the time, but you never know…

  5. 1) don’t badmouth Battlestar Galactica.

    2) we should be encouraging this sort of behavior from Liberals not mocking it.

    Why? Hear me out.

    If the liberals have totally pussified their sons and made them afraid of their own shadows this is good news…for the pro-2a crowd. Team Freedom should pray that our domestic enemies become this effeminate and weak. Yes, I think that liberals in this country are a greater threat to our freedom than any outside influence.

    Imagine this scenario: Some day in the future liberals will have achieved their dream of replacing the Constitution and banning the private ownership of firearms. Team Freedom, of course, will never turn over their guns to these pansies. The time will come to restore the republic. Who will we have to fight to restore said Constitution? That’s right….crybaby liberal “men” who wet their pants at the sight of a gun and try to talk their way out of a fight. Their side would be composed of a bunch of metrosexual weenies like Jon Stewart and Alan Colmes. I would not be losing any sleep the night before that battle.

    I couldn’t hope for a better enemy to fight. I like the old adage that you shouldn’t interrupt your enemy when he is digging himself into a hole.

  6. Markie Marx sez: “Sorry, but we Marxists have got Western males slated to become butt boys for Chinese soldiers and/or jihadi wannabes and/or UN troops. You don’t need an army for that – submission requires no resistance. That is, unless the West turns communist. Then everything will be all right. We’ll allow for a little martial spirit if we’re totally in charge. Better run out and register as a Democrat now, before it’s too late, or all your butt will belong to us! Ha! Ha!”

  7. Makie Marx, I’m sorry to be such a Grammar Nazi (or is it Grammar Marxist) but the correct phrasing is “all your butt are belong to us!”

    Please get it right next time! ;-)

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