What 5MB Used to Look Like

From Old Picture of the Day, courtesy of Instapundit. One of the great ironies of liquidating my company has meant going back ten years to when a terabyte was quite a lot of storage. Now I can put that on a portable USB drive. Our current technological infrastructure would be tight on a 20TB san. To me the next great leap will be shedding mechanical hard drives. After seeing Bitter’s MacBook Air, Solid State Hard Drives (SSDs) are definitely the way things will go.

I guess what’s also astonishing is that the technology that the 5MB drive was transported on is completely recognizable to us today, 55 years later. Computer technology has advanced far faster than transportation technology, or even our cultural ability to handle what the advances in computer technology is bringing.

7 thoughts on “What 5MB Used to Look Like”

  1. SSDs are amazing! My favorite new (to me) technology of 2010 was SSDs. I put a 128gb in my Macbook and move the harddrive into the optical bay.

  2. So in the same vein, have guns and cars evolved about the same, with both very much outpaced by computers? Yes the guns today are have more features and are more reliable, but has there been the huge leap like with computers over the last 50 years? Now, if you talk about optics and where they were 50 or 100 years ago, that’s where many of the advances have been made.

  3. SSDs are apparently astonishingly unreliable, though. Given the shenanigans around the non-removable sd cards in windows phone, I suspect that the flash RAM is still a maturing technology.

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