More About NRA’s Latest Volunteer

Sebastian live blogged the morning session of the NRA Board of Directors meeting, and made a brief mention about a special guest who addressed the board & members. I told him later that I was really amazed that I didn’t tear up listening to Tucson shooting survivor George Morris speak. To know that his support for freedom remains strong is absolutely inspiring.

According to news reports, George Morris met his wife Dorothy at a high school dance where she took the initiative at the end of the night and asked him to call her. They celebrated 54 years of marriage, and their 55th anniversary is next week.

Friends told the press that George still referred to Dorothy as his “sweetheart,” a fact that I can absolutely say is true after listening to him speak. During the shooting, he tried to shield her from the gunman and ended up shot twice himself. According to a friend who spoke with the media, he was placed in intensive care, had one bullet in his right leg, and suffered a broken rib and punctured lung from the other. He was in the hospital for 11 days recovering.

During his address to the board, he referred to the “NRA family,” and he made it clear that he recognizes it was not a gun that killed his wife. It was a “vicious young man” who should not have been on the streets. George said that standing up for what his rights & freedom was something his wife would support without question. He and his wife were at the event even though they were both Republicans because they were simply engaged in their community and with their elected officials. It’s incredible to hear about someone whose dedication to civic participation and protecting our rights remains so strong even after such a terrible tragedy. And I’m very happy to know that he does with the sound knowledge that his wife absolutely supports him in such an endeavor.

One of the best parts about Annual Meeting, for me anyway, is to meet these types of people. It’s so moving to know that there’s someone else out there whose shared values with their spouse can remain so strong even through the toughest times. I know that if in a similar position with Sebastian, it would absolutely be the same for us. It’s very refreshing to know that there’s someone else out there who feels as strongly about liberty. To have the opportunity to learn more about that person, it’s very touching and even inspires some watery eyes.

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