Glad to see local Tea Party activists making a big issue of something like this:

Rickabaugh, who has a child in the high school, also said the teacher espoused beliefs that the Second Amendment has no place in contemporary society and that socialized medicine is better for Americans.

The left has controlled our educational institutions for entirely too long. If we’re going to beat them back in the long run, it’s going to take people like Rickabaugh. Use the left’s own standards against them. That’s what Saul Alinsky would have done.

6 thoughts on “Indoctrination”

  1. When I was in high school, I remember my history teacher’s solution to the issues were to vote socialist, and the 2nd Amendment really was meant for Americans fighting Indians.

    Public education is basically a socialist indoctrination camp. It is precisely funded the same way most socialist programs are funded: take money from other people who never use it, then spend as much as they want, and teach the kids that this is the only way out.

    I am so glad my first year of paid-college undid most of the damages. Then real life experience undid the final bits of those commies brainwash.

  2. “take money from other people who never use it”

    by this I meant, taking money from other people to fund programs that MOST tax payers do not use [the program].

  3. Agreed, Sec. Anon. That is why I now promote home schooling to any and all who are seeking alternatives to the government socialist brainwashing centers. Between the liberal teachers, socialist textbooks and peer pressure, only the thickest-skinned students with determined after-school parental involvement have a chance to endure the marxist fusilades coming at them everyday. Power to the parents!

  4. This is a major reason I would like to homeschool my children, as well. In particular, the title of an essay by John Taylor Gatto has especially resonated with me:

    How Did We Ever Come to Believe that the State
    Should Tell Our Children What to Think?

    If we want to be a free people, we need to provide for our own education, and the education of our children!

  5. It is ironic that at the turn of the last century, “patriots” were demanding that it be illegal for children not to go to public schools, and that parochial schools be for the most part outlawed. That was at a time when [acceptable] Christian churches dominated public school curricula (the First Amendment notwithstanding) and it was deemed perfectly acceptable — actually mandatory — for everyone’s children to be brainwashed in those acceptable ways. Then those patriots lost control, a new faction took control, and this generation of patriots have discovered freedom of education.

    Too late guys, your grandfathers designed the system you’re stuck with, back when they thought they’d control things forever.

  6. Actually, the Gatto I referred to earlier made the case that our school system was designed the way it is to train the masses to work in factories. He explained that the education reforms that were put in place were fought tooth and nail (sometimes even leading to riots)!

    Even if this system has been pushed on us, we still have the duty to do what we can against it–homeschooling, if possible.

    That, and I see no reason why I should bear the sins of my forefathers, if I can find a path to fit their mistakes.

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