Hard to Argue

Tam notes:

Sorry, we’ve toppled our quota of genocidal Arab dictators for the decade and have had to listen to everybody tell us what jerks we were for doing it. Let Sarkozy show Kha… Qa… Gaddafi some choc et effroi.

I’m pretty far from a non-interventionist libertarian, and Obama’s foreign policy has been nearly everything I feared it would be. But the reaction of the European powers to our non-response to the Libya crisis has made me think Barry is crazy like a fox. I’m tired of carrying the defense burden for the entire free world, and having the dead and wounded soldiers prove it. The Europeans, at a combined economy of 16 trillion, had better start getting off their asses and pitching in. They have the money. They have the manpower. But why spend the money on tanks, planes, aircraft carriers and destroyers when the US was willing to do everything for them? This ought to be a wakeup call to the Europeans. Uncle Sam isn’t always going to be around to pull your butts from the fire, especially not at 14.2 trillion and counting.

5 thoughts on “Hard to Argue”

  1. Still, that the french were tougher talkers than the US Government says something about the actual resident of the White House.

  2. “I’m pretty far from a non-interventionist libertarian”

    No need for the redundancy. Drop the unnecessary adjective and it flows a lot smoother –

    “I’m pretty far from a libertarian”

  3. “I’m tired of carrying the defense burden for the entire free world”

    1. It’s a war burden, or if you prefer, offense burden.

    2. It’s not a free world, not here not anywhere.

  4. Yeah, because libertarianism has done really well telling people they aren’t libertarians. Maybe they can get back to the good old days when they didn’t crack a single digit in Presidential elections.

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