Warm Your Cold Heart

Feeling a little cynical with all the anti-gun bills introduced & discussed at the state & federal level lately? Well, here’s a story to warm your heart.

Kayla R. McMullen never fired a gun before signing up for Wilson High School’s newest sport.

But with a little practice and a steady hand, the 17-year-old junior has become the top shooter on the rifle team.

“I fell in love with it instantly,” she said of the marksmanship competitions. …

Some team members are hunters, but many never touched a gun before.

“We have people who are scholars, to those who are artists, to those who are struggling and we monitor their grades,” May said. “We reach people who would never play in an active sport, to those who fit this in between basketball.”

The principal reached out to the coach to start the team. They note that while other schools in the area are cutting sports, the principal thought it was a great addition to their program, and it doesn’t cost them much since they shoot in a former weight room and use air rifles.

One Response to “Warm Your Cold Heart”

  1. Ian Argent says:

    That is heartwarming