Right to Run a Gun Shop

NRA is helping a Florida man sue the City of Largo for preventing him from operating as a Federally Licensed Firearms Dealer from his home. The case is being funded out of the Civil Rights Defense Fund.

5 Responses to “Right to Run a Gun Shop”

  1. Ian Argent says:

    Interesting. First shot at bringing back ‘table FFLs?

  2. Diomed says:

    I’m surprised he’s got backing. At this point the license he was issued last year is no longer valid (thirty days to bring yourself into compliance with state/local laws, i.e. business licenses), so he’s got no FFL. There’s a mention of finding a rental property elsewhere, but he’ll have to go through the FFL process again since it’s a new application for a new premises.

    Best of luck to him, but it’s an object lesson to anyone thinking of applying for a FFL: have your shit together before you start so you’re not wasting your time and money.

  3. Alpheus says:

    I hope he succeeds. Another good attack on the FFL laws, though, would be Fourth Amendment rights. Ever since I learned that people licensed to make or sell firearms could have their workshops searched at any moment, without a warrant, I’ve been angry at this chipping away of our rights!

  4. Alpheus says:

    Clarification: I’ve been angry at the chipping away of our rights before I learned about this particular infringement of our 4th Amendment rights–but ever since I’ve learned about this particular instance, I’ve been angry at it, too.

    Come to think about it: this is a very good example of how the Government, in undermining one right (the 2nd Amendment), they undermine another right as well.

  5. Rodolfo Nishina