5 thoughts on “Right to Run a Gun Shop”

  1. I’m surprised he’s got backing. At this point the license he was issued last year is no longer valid (thirty days to bring yourself into compliance with state/local laws, i.e. business licenses), so he’s got no FFL. There’s a mention of finding a rental property elsewhere, but he’ll have to go through the FFL process again since it’s a new application for a new premises.

    Best of luck to him, but it’s an object lesson to anyone thinking of applying for a FFL: have your shit together before you start so you’re not wasting your time and money.

  2. I hope he succeeds. Another good attack on the FFL laws, though, would be Fourth Amendment rights. Ever since I learned that people licensed to make or sell firearms could have their workshops searched at any moment, without a warrant, I’ve been angry at this chipping away of our rights!

  3. Clarification: I’ve been angry at the chipping away of our rights before I learned about this particular infringement of our 4th Amendment rights–but ever since I’ve learned about this particular instance, I’ve been angry at it, too.

    Come to think about it: this is a very good example of how the Government, in undermining one right (the 2nd Amendment), they undermine another right as well.

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