More on the ATF Power Grab

Dave Hardy notes how the Firearms Owners Protection Act has specific protections against what ATF is trying to implement, and urges people to contact their legislators. Congress can take action against this, and should. Out of control bureaucrats are a specific pet peeve of mine, and if there’s one things the Republican Congress could do that I think would be popular among the people is start calling these agencies before it and reminding them they do not have any power beyond that which Congress authorizes.

2 thoughts on “More on the ATF Power Grab”

  1. Anywhere I can get a prewritten letter I can alter to send to my congress critter? And my new one that will be sworn in next year?

    I don’t know if calling my senators would do anything. One is extremely pro-gun while the other it depends on his mood on that certain day. But both have shown opposition to government powergrabs as of late.

  2. I also think the qualify for first round of budget cutting. See how well they do with 25% of their current budget.

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