Warming our Hearts this Holiday Season

If you’re a wine snob, a free market nut, or just generally hate swindlers and thieves, then I’ve got news to warm your hearts in time for Christmas. Two-thirds of Pennsylvania voters support dismantling the state liquor system this year.

Fresh from the crack research team at the Department of No-Brainers comes a new Quinnipiac University poll this morning concluding that more than two-thirds (66 percent to 26 percent) of state voters favor selling off Pennsylvania’s state-owned liquor stores.

That’s what we call a mandate. Who knew Christmas miracles would come so early this year?

Even better, we get some holiday entertainment in this battle to free our liquor. According to one NPR reporter, the union representing state store employees is so desperate that they are crashing press conferences to argue against it:

Sign state store sale fight heating up: UFCW rep shows up at Q-Poll presser to dispute questions showing majority favor privativation. … Union guy got a tad confrontational when told press conference was for reporters, not interest groups, to ask Qs.

Of course, it looks like the union is going to have to rely on thuggish tactics since appealing to public support isn’t going to help them much. More than half of voters said they support cutting state jobs to balance the budget. With privatizing the system, we cut state jobs, and we get the influx of cash from selling the system and the products.

It will indeed be a very merry Christmas when my mom can bring up a bottle of Virginia wine for a holiday toast and not have to worry about breaking the law.

4 thoughts on “Warming our Hearts this Holiday Season”

  1. There is a lot of power and money tied to politicians in PA who oversee the PALCB.
    I pray that we become a liberty liquor state. Wine and Beer at Wawa for all!!

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