Ohio Court Finds 2A Rights for Misdemeanants

The Ohio legislature is looking to fix this issue as we speak, but an Ohio Court of Common Pleas has found that non-violent misdemeanants, in this case people who have had a misdemeanor drug conviction in their past, can’t be stripped of Second Amendment rights. It’s interesting that the holding is limited to self-defense. Does that mean if he had firearms for hunting that might be a problem? That sure seems to turn the “sporting purposes” language in the federal gun control act on its head, doesn’t it?

One thought on “Ohio Court Finds 2A Rights for Misdemeanants”

  1. The comment thread at VC has degenerated into a Domestic Violence flamefest. We must take guns away from men to save women from the chance of being beaten by men, because clearly men need guns to hurt women. Or something. Oh, and that the whole mechanism of instant assumption of guilt by accusation is necessary to prevent police misconduct. Or something.

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