Another Avenue for Fixing DC’s Gun Laws

Looks like they are going to go for the purse strings:

As they did with the D.C. voting rights bill, gun rights advocates are likely to move an amendment to the D.C. budget measure that lays waste to the city’s firearm registration and possession laws. DC Vote, the taxpayer-funded advocacy group lobbying Capitol Hill for voting representation, issued a statement Monday urging supporters “to pack the hearing room … and show our solidarity in opposition to these attacks on D.C. democracy.”

If democracy means crapping on people’s rights, I’m all for attacking it. There’s a reason we’re not a democracy. I could be wrong, but I think there are complications, in terms of house rules, for attaching a non-budgetary item to a budgetary bill. Hopefully not though. It’s time to get this done.

UPDATE: This story is a year old. Sorry folks. Showed up in my Google Alerts as new.

2 thoughts on “Another Avenue for Fixing DC’s Gun Laws”

  1. I saw this story in my news feed yesterday and thought it looked really familiar. As much as I’d love to see a repeat performance, it looks like this story’s actually from last year.

  2. In addition to the time you have to take off of work, the DC license costs more than a day’s wages for someone making minimum wage–which is a fair % of those DC residents lucky enough to be employed right now. The fees are clearly discriminatory and deny civil rights to the poor, much like a poll tax.

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