Brady Goes Down to Defeat

Normally, I’d love writing that headline, but not for this particular Brady. The prospects for getting a pro-gun Governor of Illinois are very dim now, and as Bitter mentioned, the state House race we put the most effort into this year lost by 99 votes. Ninety-nine votes. This would have replaced an anti-gun Democrat with a pro-gun Republican. Despite winning in every other race, this one still stings. It would have been a great pickup for gun rights in our district, and in Pennsylvania. Never believe one vote doesn’t count, or one person can’t make a difference. Had I been able to send one or two more people to help out this campaign, we might have been able to make up those ninety-nine votes.

One Response to “Brady Goes Down to Defeat”

  1. Carl from Chicago says:

    This loss … of the strongly pro-second amendment Bill Brady to a staunchly anti-second amendment Pat Quinn … comes as a huge disappointment to the many, many dedicated gun rights supporters in Illinois. Illinois has been a major battleground for gun rights, in part as exemplified by the McDonald v Chicago supreme court case. The two principal issues in Illinois, as far as gun rights go, is passing a right-to-carry bill, as well as passing a state-wide firearms law preemption bill. Folks in Illinois have been making significant strides in restoring gun rights … but the loss of Brady is a real kick in the butt. I know many of the folks working very hard in that state … and they are filled with resolve. That’s good to see, and eventually these things will pass in Illinois. But Brady would have greased the skids substantially, and it’s going to take some time for the dedicated gun rights folks in Illinois to shake this off. But shake this off they will, and move forward they will.