Fun Times at the Polls

I can honestly say that I have never had more fun volunteering for a campaign before today.  Seriously, this has been an absolute blast.  I know, that it doesn’t sound like most people’s idea of a good time to stand outside in the cold talking to strangers.  But, you really have good company with volunteers from both sides.  (I’m taking a quick break to meet Sebastian back here at home so we can go back to my poll. He was relieved from his in Upper Bucks.)

Take Paul, a Democratic State Committeeman, gun owner, never an NRA member, and now excited to learn about all the Democrats who were endorsed this year.  He never had any idea that they endorsed Democrats because, as he’ll concede, most of them around here aren’t too big on the Second Amendment.  And, he bought us coffee.  He’s a really nice guy, and funny, too.

Or Joan, a Democratic (local) Committeewoman who is a riot when you get her going.  We had more fun watching an old woman try more than a dozen times to park her car.  (Once involved rolling over the barrier, and a few attempts made us go move our cars to the far side of the parking lot.)  Only someone who has been out there as long as you have can truly appreciate the half hour show that was this woman parking.

Then there’s Brooke, the independent volunteer for our local state rep.  She’s witty and gets along with everyone.  And, she’s a fan of the shoes as much as I am.  Bonding over shoes, coffee, and hot candidates.  Election Day brings us all together.

Or Francis, who we’re calling Walter for the day (inside joke), who is the most mature 12-year-old I think I have ever met.  And adorable.  And for some reason, people think he’s my son.  Nevermind that it would mean I was knocked up at 17.  But, if I was knocked up at 17, I’d be lucky to have a kid like him.  He’s an inspiration, and I’m seriously happy he’s on our side.

Then there’s Ralph.  There’s not a person in a 20-mile radius who doesn’t know Ralph, or so it would seem.  He’s a GOP committeeman, union guy, and all-round ham.  We’ve talked dogs, guns, dead deer, sex, booze, drugs, and every other topic under the sun today.

Every once of us, regardless of affiliation, has said that we’ve had the best polling location of them all.  With the exception of the Democrat who told Francis/Walter that all Republicans should drop dead, even the voters have been nice to both sides.  (All of us – on both sides – agreed that the Dem who told that to a child was beyond inappropriate.  I felt bad for the Democratic volunteers who knew that reflected poorly on their party, and they had been great to Francis all day.)  Brooke isn’t even political, but she’s said she’ll do this again in 2012 because she’s had such a good time.  I can’t wait to see most of these people tonight at the watch party.  Sure, we’re cold, we’re sunburned, and we’re overly caffeinated, but we’re in this together.

For those of you in Pennsylvania, you’ve got 2 and a half hours left to go vote.  Do it.  And be nice to the volunteers outside.

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  1. Seriously, this made me laugh so much. And after Sebastian got to see Ralph in action, he now understands the humor in this first comment. :)

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