Why Liberty Loses, Part II

Got a chance to speak briefly to Mike Fitzpatrick, who’s running against Pelosi’s poodle here in the 8th District. today. His first questions were geared at what kind of resources I could send his way. I wish I could tell him I had six people phone banking for him last night who banged out 600 calls to constituents, but I can’t. I have one dedicated volunteer and myself, and a handful of other people who help out here and there. The message I have to get across is that I’ll do everything I can to help him out. It’ll be more than most issues can muster, but not as much as we really need if he’s ever facing a tough vote on guns.

This is especially true if we compare it to what Fitzpatrick is up against. Murphy is the rising star of the Democratic Party. They are not going to surrender this seat easily. We represent the burning edge of the Democratic Party’s Firewall. Our opponents are dumping a ton of money into this district, and Fitzpatrick is worried about busloads of union people being shipped in from New York City and New Jersey for Murphy. This is in addition to other left wing activists being shipped up from Washington D.C. on Murphy’s behalf. Murphy has been quite adept at rallying ground troops and money, mostly from outside of the 8th district. He’s vulnerable this year, but he’s not going down without a fight. Keep in mind this guy supported Carolyn McCarthy’s assault weapons ban which would have banned the M1 Garand and M1 Carbine. Basically any semi-automatic rifle of military pattern, and all semi-automatic shotguns. His talk is about how pro-gun he is, but much it’s about as true as when he says he’s a blue dog. The guy sells himself as a moderate, but his voting record is as left-wing as they come.

People who support liberty can’t draw on this level of support. The left is motivated enough to send their shock troops to the front lines to fight the ragtag local militia we’re mustering here. They are sending people across the country, while liberty has a hard time getting people across the county. This is another reason we lose. The other side just wants it more than we do.