So Many Questions…

Every once in a while, there’s a tweet that can kick start your imagination. The other day, I came across one of those tweets. From @pgPoliTweets:

Watching Smart Talk. Hbg Mayor Thompson just said the solution to downtown crime is to have more vigilantes. Wow!

Harrisburg is bankrupt, so I suppose it could be a cost cutting measure. Regardless, it’s one of those things that makes me happy they accommodate those who choose to carry at the State Capitol since it sounds like folks should be prepared to carry a little more firepower in Harrisburg.

Oh, and I might add that this is a MAIG mayor calling for more vigilantes.

4 Responses to “So Many Questions…”

  1. Chas says:

    How about a billboard campaign to promote lawful gun ownership? What if the city covered the cost of a CCW permit? 0% loans for defensive gun purchases?
    We’ve seen a wide variety of means of incentivizing behavior over the past few decades, but none ever applied to fighting crime with gun ownership. Isn’t it about time?

    • Bitter says:

      Heh. They would argue they don’t have any money left to do that stuff. :)

      That said, there have been sales tax holiday for gun purchases in Louisiana and South Carolina before.

  2. anon says:

    It works! For instance a few nights ago in DC, a drunk was beat to death by bouncers after being denied entry to a club and throwing a brick through the window. As of right now, 5 guys are up on ‘murder 2’.

    For my part, I think the ‘tard got what was coming to him. A brick is a deadly weapon. But the law doesn’t see it that way…

  3. Alpheus says:

    If the drunk threw a brick through a window, it was no longer a weapon. On the other hand, if the drunk was still threatening people, I think “Justified” could be used.

    Depending on the circumstances, though, the bouncers probably would have been better off to call the police, and let the drunk be belligerent until arrested–so long as he wasn’t a threat to them, or to others.