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In some back and forth between myself and the folks at Forces of Darkness HQ, I asked about the situation from Citibank’s past, highlighted by SayUncle here. They had this to say about that matter:

NRA-ILA investigated a previous problem with Citibank in 2008, which involved Citi Merchant Services denying its processing services to a major firearms distributor.  ILA staff contacted Citibank, who put us in touch with Citi’s contractor for these services, First Data. First Data investigated internally and discovered that it had one employee who was denying services to firearms industry members.

The employee’s motives remain unclear, but First Data appears to have solved the problem. ILA has had no complaints about Citi between that time and the current situation.  The current case appears to be of a completely different nature.

So my suggestion that we back off on Citibank wasn’t based on my forgiving them for their previous transgressions, but based on the fact that they seem to have fixed the problem that existed previously, and walked into this current situation through a mistake rather than maliciousness.

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  1. “…they seem to have fixed the problem that existed previously…”

    I’m not saying that they didn’t fix the problem that existed previously, but I sure as hell didn’t hear about it. Did they “fix” the 2000 SAF boycott too? Got any links?

  2. I think because no one at NRA thought to tell anyone about it. The 2000 SAF incident was along similar lines. But the message is there haven’t been recent problems until now, which would appear to just be a mistake.

  3. The side effect of not having an army of brain-dead zombies reading from your talking points and accepting your wheelbarrows full of cash is that your fellow RKBA supporters tend to make up their own mind. If the NRA helped resolve things back in 2008 and 2000, perhaps they should have shared?

    just sayin’

  4. I don’t know why they didn’t say anything about it, to be honest. I think it’s a case of the right hand not telling the left hand what it’s doing. There’s a specific division that does that kind of work, and another division does the grass roots alerts. Yet another division does media relations.

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