Interview with Chris Cox in National Review

NRA has never had a very close relationship with the National Review crowd. To that part of the conservative movement, we’ve always been a bit of the crazy uncle in the attic. With that said, I’m glad to see an interview with Chris Cox in National Review.

2 thoughts on “Interview with Chris Cox in National Review”

  1. I find this- “The Second Amendment has to be protected and promoted, no matter which party is in power and no matter which way the political winds blow. Other groups try to defend their interests in a more partisan manner, and that tends to bring mixed success.”

    to be a rather interesting quote… It seems this is the part that folks don’t get when they get on their soapbox about their particular issue.

  2. Sorry Sebastian … moments ago, I emailed this to you and now see you’re on it already.

    Anyway, this was a really great read. I understand there are those who have issues with certain NRA endorsements (or lack of them), but this article was clear, and helps clarify their policy, and I would suspect that all but the most bull-headed folks would find it sensible. It’s my opinion that the NRA takes a mature, reasoned, and long-term approach to this issue, and I applaud them for that.

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