Interesting Views on Hunting

The Lebanon Daily News says they support hunting, but not pigeon shooting, but call hunting a “blood sport,” in the same category as pigeon shooting. Actually, no. Blood sports are things like dog fighting, cock fighting, bear baiting, and bullfighting, though I’m sure HSUS appreciates the subtle smear against hunting. I’m sure they also appreciate the Daily News repeating their lie that Pennsylvania is the only state that permits pigeon shoots. No doubt they greatly appreciate the entire article, which promotes HSUS’s agenda in Pennsylvania.

Sorry, Daily News, you’re not pro-hunting just because you post a few hunting pictures. You’re actively supporting an organization that attempted to make that very act a crime. You’re no friend of hunters.

One thought on “Interesting Views on Hunting”

  1. Hmm, I went on a pigeon shoot the other day – man that was fun. 500 Pigeons. Oh, and it was totally legal and wasn’t in Pennsylvania.

    And on Saturday morning, we are gonna shoot a ton of pigeons as well – in Maryland – as part of a dog training test.

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