The Warrior Song – Hard Corps

I literally spent 8 years of my first decade with US Marines all around. As a Foreign Service brat I saw them every time I visted my father at work, and some of my fondest childhood memories are of going to barbeques hosted by the local Marine House. But they weren’t just scenery and grill cooks to me; by the time I was 10 I knew most of the history behind the verses of the Marine Corps hymn, and was well aware that these men were ferocious fighters as well as friendly faces. And while I thought about joining the military when I graduated high school, it turned out that it’s very hard to get an appointment to an Academy from Northern Virginia, and the college I went to didn’t have an ROTC detatchment. My life ended up moving away from the military path, “encouraged” by the drawdown of the mid-nineties and my father’s experiences as a Navy Reservist in that period. But I’ve never lost my respect for the men and women who chose (or, in times past, were chosen) to walk that path.

One of the songs I always make sure to load on my music player is Warrior Song. I paid my buck for the song, and count it cheap at the price. Today, I took a look over at their site and found the USMC version. Semper Fi, and may the Republic be worthy of your service.


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2 thoughts on “The Warrior Song – Hard Corps”

  1. I had a similar experience and a college without ROTC. Then I said fuck-it and enlisted in the Corps anyway. Best decision I ever made.

    They beat all the immature stupidity and fixed me up just right. My wife’s eyes would be rolling uncontrollably right now – but she always shot me down until I turned up in a Marine uniform. (Hell yeah those Dress Blues or even Class A’s work with the ladies as advertised.)

    The best friends I ever made were in the Marines or when I went back to Army National Guard. Serving in an infantry battalion during Desert Shield / Desert Storm was the highlight of my youth.

  2. As it happens, had I done that, I wouldn’t have met my wife. I have durn few regrets in the path of my life. I wonder how my life would have gone had I made different life choices; I don’t regret any of those choices.

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