Brady Bunch being reasonable?

From a 2009 article on a quadriplegic hunter:

Gun control advocates don’t oppose efforts by people with disabilities to hold firearms licenses.

“There are no categories of prohibited purchasers based on physical disabilities, nor do we think there ought to be, outside of reasonable commonsense prohibitions,” said Peter Hamm, spokesman for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, the group named for former White House press secretary James Brady, who was paralyzed in a shooting in 1981. “If someone is not a convicted felon or hasn’t been found to be a danger to themselves due to mental illness and they believe they can handle a firearm, we support their right to purchase one.”

On the other side, yes. Out to ban every firearm immediately, perhaps not so much. The other side has learned from the last 10 years too. Less Carrie Nation, more Nelson Rockefeller. The drug laws of NY are called the Rockefeller laws for a reason; punishing harshly the use of guns drugs not “in common use”.