Good to See That Strict Gun Control Working Out

A spate of shootings in Sydney has authorities panicked:

His spokesman said Operation Kadar was formed earlier this month to deal with outlaw motorcycle gangs and Middle Eastern organised crime gangs believed to be behind gun crime emerging across Sydney.

The great problem with drug related crime, is that the profitability of the business creates a strong incentive to kill anyone who gets in the way, including residents who call the police on the dealers, and get a reputation for being snitches. You are never going to successfully disarm people who deal in illegal commodities. You will, however, succeeded in disarming, and rendering helpless, the residents who’s neighborhoods the dealers operate in. This doesn’t seem to be a recipe for less violence to me.

One thought on “Good to See That Strict Gun Control Working Out”

  1. Works fine in the UK…for the criminals. Much safer workplace, except from each other.

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