Getting Squared Away, Ready to Go

Bitter and I leave for Hawaii on Friday evening. Not wanting to neglect the blog the entire time, I’ve arranged to have some guest bloggers, and I will be posting from time to time as well. Got just about everything packed, getting the house clean, arranged to have my dad house sit while we’re gone (the advantage of having a retired dad). Now the crappy part is I’ve promised three big things at work before I go. Yesterday I delivered one of them. Today I hope to deliver the other. Friday it’s do or die for the third. Hopefully I’ll make it. Sometimes I think it creates more job stress to take a vacation than not to.

7 thoughts on “Getting Squared Away, Ready to Go”

  1. Have a good time and relax, you have earned it. Think like baseball player or weatherman and give them 2 out of 3.

  2. Whenever you take a vacation always go for more than three weeks.
    If you only go for a week, the work-panic voice-mail piles up and things to-do double because they expect you to still take care of it when you come back.
    If you go for two weeks those things of actual urgency get done – or they didn’t really need to after-all and fall off – but people will still try to push stuff onto your desk.
    After three weeks, whatever is on the desk is clearly old-news and unimportant – just junk-mail, so you come back with a fresh slate.

  3. Have Fun! (I used to work for, I could give you some tips if you want).

    Tip #1 : Waikiki is overrated, but the USS Missouri is not. :)

    1. Heh. We’re only doing Waikiki to the extent of, “Here’s Waikiki. Now you can say you’ve been. Let’s move on. Oh, and there’s the yacht club where I took sailing lessons & the boys accidentally sunk our boat. Good times.” I actually hate that beach. If I ever went to any beaches when I visited as a kid, it was usually Ala Moana. Though, to be honest, my skin is so sensitive that I usually preferred the pool at my grandmother’s condo.

      And, to give you an idea of priorities, our first day out there will be pretty much 100% Pearl Harbor. We’re planning to do the Arizona, Bowfin, Missouri, & Aviation Museum. The only other agenda items are trips to Sam’s for snacks during the trip & family visits.

      Any other tips? We’re doing Oahu for 8 days & then the Big Island for 5 (not including our travel days). I know, most people will say we got it backwards in terms of which island gets the most days. But, we have a FREE condo all to ourselves in downtown Honolulu, and we’re also factoring in some time for Sebastian to meet some of my dad’s side of my family. Hopefully, he won’t go running far, far away after that. :)

  4. The North Shore is great, muchly worth it. Loved my time there (and it’s also where a lot of the beach scenes for “Lost” were shot, do some Googling and you can find where).

    Spend the $40 or so (and the time) and take the tour inside the Mighty Mo. REALLY cool for a military buff, especially a landlocked one like me.

    Living in AZ means great Mexican food, but the musubi here SUCKS. :(

  5. Hope you two have a great time. Will be thinking about you guys while you are gone and look forward to seeing some great pictures upon your return.

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