San Francisco Becoming Food Fascists

Apparently the Center for Science and the Public Interest, our nations leading Food Nazis, are going around the bay area trying to ban the Happy Meal. I’m relatively disappointed that our restaurant industry is, so far, taking a relatively passive approach to resisting these Food Fascists, these Meatball Mussolinis. If McDonald’s came out and said, “We’re going to stand up for the right of Americans to eat whatever they want, and CSPI can go to hell,” health problems be damned, I’ll hit McDonald’s for lunch every day for the next two weeks. I’ll even regret not having kids to take there for a Happy Meal.

8 thoughts on “San Francisco Becoming Food Fascists”

  1. I’m all on board the freedom train. But, you won’t find me committing gastronomic suicide on the altar at Mickey’s Pseudo Steakhouse.

  2. If only McDonald’s would do that. Unfortunately, I think they hate bad publicity – even it if it manufactured – worse than a decline in profits.

  3. The CSPI deals neither in science nor the public interest. Just another lefty control group with delusions of grandure.

  4. If they were food-fascists, then wouldn’t they own controlling stock in McDonalds (like in Government Motors) and dictate pay-levvels and and reap the rewards of command&control?

    I’d say they were more close to being outright Stalinist about food, and Stalin is still a hero in Cold Gray Fog City among the trendy and hip. It’s the cold and damp that makes them clamp-down – 64° F today (now) it’s been freezing here all damn summer.

  5. This is easy to fix. School is starting. You hold a big assembly of the kindergartners through 3rd grade. Then you lure the CSPI people and the politicians to the same location for a discussion. Then you get up and say, “These, boys and girls, are the people who have stolen your Happy Meal. These are the people who banned sugar from your birthday cake.” Then run to escape the carnage.

  6. The companion bill to the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act” was called the “American Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act” and it never even got a vote in the Senate.

    I guess the other side had far too many sue happy lawyers or something.

    Ignore everything from the CSPI until they apologize for their promotion of transfats.

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