5 thoughts on “DISCLOSE Alive Again”

  1. Still, Sebastian, this helps to buttress when I said a few days ago. If, as I hope and pray, Harry Reid loses, and Schumer becomes ML, it won’t be that big a hit. He will need to get enough Democrats to go along with any anti-gun legislation to overcome a filibuster, and he can count out Webb, Warner, Tester, and Nelson. And this story shows that rather than being an omnipotent anti-gun demon, he’s just a slimy politician who will avoid an issue that won’t benefit the Democrats.

    Now, if by some miracle we could beat Schumer *and* Reid in this election, that would be the best of both worlds. I can’t see Schumer losing, though.

  2. Ken, I’m not sure you can count out the support of Webb and Warner. They’ve established that they’re ready to fall all over themselves to do whatever their party asks of them, wishes of their constituents be damned.

    Many, many disillusioned voters in this state. (Not me, I knew exactly what they were.)

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