9 thoughts on “On Consequences of Elections”

  1. Isn’t this the definition of irony? An elected politician who resigned and left her state with an unelected governor telling voters that “elections have consequences”?

    1. I’m sure it would be news to everyone who voted for Parnell in the primary and then again on the general ballot that he was “unelected.”

  2. Parnell was elected Governor? I thought he ran for Lt. Governor.

    What are the consequences for elected leaders who resign from their elected post? It seems that there aren’t any consequences if you are Sarah Palin.

    If you think this is just “sour grapes,” I voted for her when she ran with McCain. I have no respect for her now.

  3. Bitter, I am just rolling my eyes. This is like saying that people voted for Joe Biden for President.

    Sorry, but you run for office and you get elected — there are consequences if you quit once you are elected.

    1. I agree that there an consequences for what she did. She lost quite a bit of support when she did step down, and a legitimate argument against her running for office in the future is that she’s a quitter. But, that doesn’t mean that Sean Parnell was not elected. The same goes for Joe Biden, although at least Parnell was independently elected in the primary.

  4. I’m not saying that I agree with Palin quitting the Governorship. I think that probably ruined her changes of being a serious Presidential candidate.

    But that consequence of having their elected Lt. Governor become Governor is understood to voters in advance. He might not have been elected Governor, but he was elected to the office that becomes Governor if the office is vacated.

  5. Bitter, I disagree that being a ‘quitter’ is legitimate.

    Palin stepped down because of the serial ‘ethics violations’ attention she was getting from a flea-bag lefty blogger.

    Knowing that the accusations would not stop, that the state could not defend her, and the hoops that had to be jumped through to get outside legal help, she did what I consider the honorable thing (well, besides shooting a flea-bag lefty blogger) and let someone else, ideologically similar, take over the state.

  6. Packetman, I disagree. A lot of politicians have been accused of a lot worse (Bill Clinton?) and never resigned.

    What would she have done if she had been VP or President? Resign over ethics allegations? That’s a quitter’s attitude and she deserves to be branded as such.

    Anyway, I find it ironic that she’s speaking out about “elections having consequences.”

    Yeah, her last election should have forced her to serve for 4 years but she got out of that, didn’t she? So what was the consequence there?

    Needless to say, I liked her a lot better back when she was running for VP. She’s likable enough, which is why the Tea Party loves her — but I don’t think that quality carries over to mainstream Americans who see her as kind of flakey.

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