Waiting for McDonald

The wait is the worst part. Tune in to SCOTUSBlog at 10 for the nail biting coverage. I am off work today, so as soon as the opinion comes out, I will begin reading and commenting. We have a simple strategy Bitter and I have worked out. If McDonald wins, we’ll go out later tonight and celebrate with some drinks. If McDonald loses tonight, we’ll go out later tonight and drown our sorrows with some drinks. Either way distillers, wine growers, and brewers benefit!

UPDATE: Tom Goldstein from SCOTUS blog offers his prediction:

I predict that Justice Alito will write the Court’s opinion in McDonald recognizing that the Second Amendment is incorporated.  But given Justice Alito’s sensitivity towards law enforcement, I doubt that the opinion will call into question a broad swath of firearms regulation.

We’ll find out very shortly whether he’s right.

UPDATE: Apparently Justice Ginsberg’s husband passed away yesterday. Very sad. We wish her the best no matter how she voted.

One thought on “Waiting for McDonald”

  1. SCOTUSBlog broke there for a bit…

    I’ll take 5-4 and Due Process.

    The buzzing sound you just heard was the sound of blackberries going off signaling prepositioned lawyers to “file for effect”

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