Long Shot to Kill DISCLOSE

Joe Huffman thinks this deal could end up being the long shot that kills the whole campaign finance monstrosity. Countertop thinks that’s exactly what’s going to happen, and notes that this controversy is forcing the media and our opponents to highlight the fact that NRA has a million members and receives little corporate funding. Kind of blows a hole in VPC and Brady’s “gun lobby” claims, doesn’t it? Van Hollen is having to do some work to keep allies in line. The backlash from left groups appears to be starting. Certainly none of these things are good for the bill, but I’m not sure the Democratic leadership won’t shove it down everyone’s throats anyway.

If the attention this deal is getting does kill the bill, I think it would be giving NRA too much credit to say they planned it that way, but nor do I think anyone at headquarters will shed a tear. No one likes this bill. It’s the Democrats who want it.

3 thoughts on “Long Shot to Kill DISCLOSE”

  1. Sebastian,

    I know this is just a crazy thought from a simple-minded man, but is it just possible the real motive for the NRA is just maintaining it’s ability to speak and represent on behalf of it’s members while maintaining their privacy when faced with a bill that will likely become law with a Democratic-controlled House, a Democratic-controlled Senate, and a Democratic-controlled White House?

    Sometimes you live to win the battle, sometimes you live to fight another day.


    1. That’s not a simple-minded consideration. Considering recent Congressional action, it is really the only option they had on the table. With November and 2012 looming, there are opportunities to fix it if it passes, or at least hold off having it made worse (for NRA donors) until the courts get involved.

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