5 thoughts on “How We Win”

  1. “But just in case I run into any more flier-wielding right-wingers at the Stop & Shop, I am prepared. I now have an NRA bumper sticker right next to Obama/Biden.”

    Um…that sounds a little threatening. Remind me to never hand out any super dangerous assault paper to liberals, lest they either wet their pants or shoot me.

  2. She’s still an obnoxious, ill-informed lib but at least she won’t be reflexively anti-gun (and anti-gun owner) in the future.

    Baby steps….

  3. I sign some of my forum posts with this:
    “More libertarians are born in gunshops than any other place in America.”
    True, our author here has plenty of lefty anger and simmering violence- leafleteers,, beware!- but hopefully with continued contact with the gun culture, and suffering some of the indignities and misapprehensions gun owners are all too familiar with, another baby step might be made: towards rethinking that whole Constitution thingy.
    One can hope.

  4. It’s nice she learned that shooting is done by responsible people and the NRA is professional and courteous to everyone, but she’s still a bigot. “Right wing extremists” assaulted her (car actually) with vitriolic FLIERS. That’s just awful. She wasn’t treated as well as those damn right wing extremists that were attacked and beaten by SEIU thugs. She didn’t spend weeks in the hospital after that vitriolic flier was placed under her wind shield wiper. She has suffered enough.

  5. Glad she’s exercising her 2A rights, but she sounds a bit too scared of life. She went to learn how to shoot, because someone left a non-threatening flier that disagreed with the presidents policies on her windshield. We need all the support we can get, but do we REALLY need someone this paranoid on our side?

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