This is Truth

Joe Huffman has an observation about good shooters:

This episode also confirmed my hypothesis that if someone brags about how good a shooter they are it is near certain proof they are crap. All the great shooters I have personally met are extremely modest or at least silent about how great they think they are.

That’s been my observation as well. I shoot with some great shooters at my club, none of which speak about how great a shooter they are on a regular basis. I know some who have a competitive nature, but that’s different from talking about what hot shit you are all the time.

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  1. Anyone who brags about how good a shooter they are must, at some point, prove it.

    Good shooters are modest because they know that anybody can have a bad day on the range.

    They just have fewer of them than you or I do. :)

  2. There is a reason I carry a 9MM. Capacity!! I suck at shooting for grouping accuracy. I love trying 200, 400 and 1000 yard shots with a rifle though. But I am pretty happy when I hit paper.(Really, really big paper)

  3. Maybe I should start bragging about how good of a shot I am! :-)

    Having said that, I feel that every time I shoot at something and miss, the Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves–so far, I’ve given our Founding Fathers a lot of exercise. :-(

  4. FWIW:

    2010 2010_Area_4 – Final results for Production

    Place Name No. USPSA Class Division PF Lady Mil Law For Age Match Pts Match %
    1 Michael Seeklander 208 A30288 M Production Minor No No No No 1336.3542 100.00%
    2 Phil Strader 229 GM Production Minor No No No No 1276.2913 95.51%
    3 Matthew Mink 192 L2627 GM Production Minor No No No No 1236.2286 92.51%
    4 Kale Garretson 164 A57016 GM Production Minor No No No No 1234.9292 92.41%
    5 Jason Tielke 198 A56705 A Production Minor No No No No 1076.3109 80.54%

  5. He certainly blew away all his competitors in that contest. The nearest was nearly 5 percentage points below him. That is impressive.

    Maybe he just doesn’t have that much experience with long range rifle shooting (not that 100 yards is all that far). Or there was a subtle equipment failure issue.

  6. I’m putting down Mike’s performance to two things:

    1. The sights on a 1903, as Tam so wonderfully showed us, ain’t exactly the most user-friendly thingamabob on the planet.

    2. Anyone can have a bad day. I’ve seen USPSA Grandmasters blow up a stage that others have breezed thru. This was just Mike’s turn.

    Bonus reason: Caleb mentioned on this week’s podcast that his team took 15 shots at the 100 yard target with the 1903, so it might have been the unfamiliar sights.

  7. I think the 03s were 03A3s, which have the more familiar peep sights… but that’s not to say they weren’t off as well.

  8. I think Kevin is right on. I’m looking forward to the second episode because it has them shooting pistols, which is what the big names I know are from USPSA/IPSC. JJ and Blake are world class. If the show presents it well, it’ll blow some minds. (Think showing the average revolver shooter video of Jerry.)

  9. True as far as I can tell. I never mention my shooting, because I know they are a about a ton of you guys and gals out there better than me. Fortunately none of you are going to break in to my house at 2 A.M. That sucker is the guy I have to shoot better than.

  10. They were not ’03A3 rifles, the sights were of the much more primitive notch/post/ladder/whatthehellisthis configuration.

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