Word from the Committee

Word is Castle Doctrine was voted out of committee 22-4, with the three gun control bills being voted down. Looks like we get a floor vote on Castle Doctrine! More details later.

UPDATE: Roll call vote here. PASSED 22-4 Looks like it was amended, but the amendment did not destroy the purpose of the bill. The result of the amendment is that you still have a duty to retreat against an unarmed assailant.

On the other bills, on creating a new task force in the AG’s office. FAILED 9-17.

To create an assault weapons ban. FAILED 6-20.

On gutting preemption. FAILED 6-20

We did it! On to the House Floor.

2 thoughts on “Word from the Committee”

  1. Thrilling news! …It looks like we’ve hit for the cycle, in baseball parlance; thank you to all those who showed up at the plate and dared take a swing in this fight!

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