The Protestors

We did have some protesters yesterday, but they weren’t punctual, so I missed them. The Charlotte Observer covered it, and you can see more pics over at Joe’s. Four people to do a “lie in?” Here’s what one small section of our show floor looks like, as viewed from the press booth at the Annual Meeting:

This is why we win, and Protest Easy Guns loses. The other reason we win is a story told to me by someone who works for NRA about an NRA member who donated 450 dollars. The guy had been out of work for a few years, had two disabled children, but he wanted to do something to help preserve the Second Amendment. So he and his wife collected cans from roadsides and public places, until they had saved up enough money. And they were apologizing for not being able to give more. Really makes you realize why we all keep doing this, and need to keep doing this.

The other side was lucky to have rich donors. We have a lot of people like this, who are our side’s lifeblood. This is why we win.

7 thoughts on “The Protestors”

  1. They should have flown that guy an his wife to the meeting, all expenses paid, and stuck him on the stge as an inspirtion to everyone.

    4 protesters?? I don’t think the line at Starbucks was LESS than 4 long at any point while I was there.

  2. You’re right Sebastian, it’s the ‘little’ people with long memories that keep the NRA alive. The NRA is not perfect, but it IS helping us to maintain our gun rights. Thanks for the update!

  3. Or at least hooked the guy up with someone who needed a employee, or some NRA sympathetic medical professionals.

    Efforts like that deserve a little payback.

  4. Remind me: Were there any protestors outside of the Phoenix Convention Center last year? I didn’t see any, but I used a different entrance/exit than most people there would use.

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