How One Person Can Make a Difference

One thing that I wish to get across to every gun owner out there is just how easy it is for one person to make a difference in this issue if they are just willing to get a little involved. Such is the case with Adam, who is a new volunteer Bitter has been working with, and who has managed to get several of our candidates for governor on the record with respect to issues which are important to us, most recently having asked Tom Corbett about castle doctrine, to which he was non-committal.

It was noticed yesterday that Wayne, and a few other NRA higher ups, including the PA lobbyist, went off following a Corbett staffer, which I presumed was to chat about our issues. Well, Tom Corbett is now saying he’s likely to sign the bill.

Now, I don’t know if NRA read the response to the question posed by Adam or not, but it’s not inconceivable that they did. It’s quite interesting that now Corbett is saying he’s likely to sign after what would appear to be a meeting with NRA. I think any way this went down, however, Adam has played a role. At the least, it helped tremendously for Corbett to hear that concern from an actual gun owner and potential voter, which helps to reinforce NRA’s message when they go to speak to politicians.

This didn’t take much time or effort either. It just took Adam deciding to get involved, and asking what he could do to help, and then doing one small thing. Because of that we just affected a statewide Governor’s race. One person just positively affected 12 million people’s right to bear arms. It really doesn’t take much to make a difference.