Open Carry Ban in California Advancing

Covered by Jeff Soyer. It’s passed out of the Public Safety√ā¬†Committee, and now goes to Appropriations. Here’s a list of appropriations committee members. Now is the time to contact them and express opposition. The bill is AB1934. Having skimmed over the bill, I think the worst effect this has is not just banning openly carrying an unloaded handgun, but also making loaded open carry in an unincorporated area, which previously has been lawful in California, unlawful. It would seem to do this by removing a part of the law that explicitly defines carrying in a belt holster openly as not being concealed.

Practically speaking, I don’t know how many people availed themselves of open carry in an unincorporated area, and I don’t know how much of California is unincorporated, so it’s hard to assess the magnitude of this loss, should it come to pass.

10 thoughts on “Open Carry Ban in California Advancing”

  1. I respect open carriers, but maybe they will learn a lesson from this. I hope they can mobilize enough to stop this.
    They started it. They need to follow through.

  2. When they start proposing laws be passed to restrict things, it has to stop being an us vs. them issue. Everyone needs to get involved in stopping this, even if you don’t open carry, or don’t like open carry. We can debate the merits of it later.

  3. I say that with a bit of a heavy heart, because I don’t think there’s much we can do to stop a gun control bill from becoming law in California. The best angle to use, since California requires the state to fund its mandates, is that there’s no money to enforce a new, unnecessary law. The state is broke enough already.

  4. I have emailed some family out there and asked for their help. I should have declared that the “they” I meant, in my 2nd sentence, were gun owners in California. I am sorry if I wrote that poorly. I am already working angles from my end.

  5. Should be a good court case for, since the second amendment guarantees some form of bearing arms, it would be unconstitutional to ban all forms of it or make it so difficult to do so that no one can do it which is what CA would be doing.

    That would probably be blatantly unconstitutional in even the 9th circuit.

  6. Irony is that the large areas of unincorporated areas are in counties where concealed carry is treated as “shall issue” thus open carry is not a huge concern. This is still poor law making at it’s finest, hopefully Arnold will…aw, forget it.

  7. This is going to pass, sadly. And I’m not one of those do-nothing doomsayers; I’ve contacted all these clowns every time it advances. But this is California, and it’s going to pass. It’s funny; 45 or so states are in a mad dash to get rid of their gun laws while the remaining five are passing new ones like there’s no tomorrow.

  8. Great! Maybe the OC activists can have a big OC rally to protest it. I suppose the one good thing that can come out of this is that the OC activists won’t be OC activists anymore.

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