I Don’t Think They Understand the Process

Sometimes I read what politicians do, and it makes me wonder how many times they’ve stumbled across the stupid stick.

The House Transportation Committee voted unanimously to report as amended HB 914 which amends Title 75 requiring certain first time DUI offenders to have their vehicles equipped with an ignition interlock device and increase the required time period for ignition interlock to third and subsequent offenders. After the vote was taken, several committee members raised questions regarding the bill and its potential impact. A motion to reconsider the vote was made but eventually withdrawn with the understanding there will be further discussions regarding the bill.

Typically the questions are asked and impact considered before the damn vote.

In other news, I hope that those who have made one unfortunate mistake of driving while a little over the limit are willing to give up mouthwash and/or use of their cars.

5 thoughts on “I Don’t Think They Understand the Process”

  1. I understand what it is. But I would never want to be on the record even willing to move something that major without having a better understanding of it.

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