Crazies Didn’t Used to Get Licenses

This big story in the Washington Post is that a Washington man was charged with threatening to kill Senator Patty Murray over her vote on health care. It has implications for us:

Wilson has a .38-caliber revolver registered to him and has a concealed weapons permit, Woodbury wrote.

You know, it used to be the really hard-core anti-government whack jobs didn’t get concealed carry licenses, because they didn’t want to be on “some government list”, or didn’t want to have to go beg to “the man.”  I yearn for those good old days.

5 thoughts on “Crazies Didn’t Used to Get Licenses”

  1. Emotions are too high on all sides. Abby goes spastic while we calmly walked armed into Starbucks. But, likewise, we must control ourselves, as death threats against the elected are a pointless waste of time and law-enforcement efforts. The biggest threat to those in power is to be out of power. Put that directionless emotion into the election process.

  2. Queue the VPC and Sugarmann with their “concealed carry killers” business.

    Good lord. I agree with Andy. People are getting out of control (self-control).

  3. *shrug* There are six million people with concealed carry permits. Some percentage of them are going to be bozos. But everything we know about revocation rates indicates that number is generally very small.

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