18 thoughts on “What’s an Arsenal to New Yorkers?”

  1. I’m surprised at the photo. If you look on the far left of the picture, it looks like there’s some firearms with black synthetic stocks (maybe even one with a folding stock). They could have gotten a hero shot of the scary EBRs instead of those bolt guns and pumps with wood furniture.

  2. Yes, Chris from AK, I was about to say, how did the lamestream gun fearing wussie media miss getting the folding-stock stainless Mini14 front and center?

  3. To the left, more than one gun and one 50-round box of ammo constitutes an ‘arsenal’ — no matter if all the guns are pump/bolt/lever action and the ammo is all .22LR

  4. Doesn’t it have to be a public, government or military storage/manufacturing facility to be an “arsenal?”

  5. Other linked article claimed there were “two assault weapons” (one of which was probably nothing more than a Mini-14), 10 handguns, 9 shotguns and 9 rifles.

    It’s probably the handguns and “assault weapons” the family is really in trouble for. Welcome to New York!

  6. Why, that’s a high-capacity, semiautomatic, Marlin 60 sniper assault rifle. I nearly shat myself just looking at the picture.


  7. If you can’t remember how many AK variants you have and you count your ammo stash by the ammo can does that qualify as an arsenal?

    My collection would probably give them a bloody heart attack then.

    Glad I don’t live in New York

  8. They were not registered, nor did anyone in the family have any kind of permit for owning them.

    – – –
    OK, registering is not a good law and permt-to-own questionable, and in New York neither is easy to come by.

    And I’ll admit that when grampa died, I don’t wonder none of them knew what the heck to do other than stuff most of them up in the attic and forget about them. I can just picture going into a police station there and saying “Uh, I want a permit because I just got about thirty guns.” I would probably consult a lawyer before going to the police under those circumstances.

    – – –
    The “drug” part is scary. Confiscating medicines that have the prescription number and doctor’s name? Refusing to administer medicine to a woman whose medicine was seized, and not calling in a doctor to check until she collapsed?

  9. What is the basis of the search warrant is what I want to know… I can’t figure out what the cops were even doing there.

  10. An arsenal is a place where weapons are manufactured.
    This family had an armory in their attic, not an arsenal.
    Just sayin’.

  11. I also like how they mention he’s a coin collector. Sounds like a dangerous nexus of illegal assault weapons, drugs, and precious metals hoarding to me. Next step is to refer to the house as a compound.

    I do like how they sent the guy in for a psych eval… The implication being that if he’s not criminal he must be crazy!

  12. That evil Marlin Model 60 , if an older version with a 17 round magazine, will earn you a trip to prison in New Jersey.

  13. “Unregistered” firearms in NYC. That’s all that needs to be said.

    New York City (and the environs immediately around it) has long since become a festering dung heap that brings down the rest of an otherwise nice New York state.

    Get North of Westchester County, and that assortment of firearms is just an average sportsmen’s collection.

  14. Way to go Newsapaper. Telling the crooks out there that there is an unoccupied house ( owners are locked up in jail ) and a collection of old coins left unguarded.

  15. Dozens of pills were found at the residence!!!1! (and they were all legal). I’ve got a bottle of ~ 500 acetominophen pills in my desk drawer. I guess pills are like ammo – I’ve got more than one for each child in the local elementary school.

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