First Amendment Implication in DC Court Ruling?

A very good discussion going on at Volokh on the DC ruling. It gets into the comments a bit about whether guns painted a certain color could be ban. It’s argued that could be a first amendment issue. Someone in the comments brings in the funny with:

What we need is for someone to come up with a “Bong hits 4 Jesus” durocoat.

I’m sure that the folks at Lauer will get right on that. Oh, if you don’t get that reference, just click here. Unfortunately that argument lost :)

3 thoughts on “First Amendment Implication in DC Court Ruling?”

  1. Actually, it was the trial court that ruled. The DC Circuit is the appeals court that will undoutedly be the next stop for the case.

  2. Well the Bong Hits kids was at a school event (though he was skipping school) and near school. They couldn’t arrest just anyone for that sign.

    1A is a good route actually.

    1. He wasn’t skipping. They dismissed for the torch relay. He also wasn’t arrested. He sued the school because he was merely punished.

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