Six Million And Counting

According to this article, we’ve hit six million people licensed to carry in the United States:

From its beginnings in the 1980s, the “right-to-carry” movement has succeeded in boosting the number of licensed concealed-gun carriers from fewer than 1 million to a record 6 million today, according to estimates from gun-rights groups that are supported by’s research.

I’ve been using 5 million, but I’ll switch to 6 now. Hat tip to Dave Hardy, who adds, “It’s far more balanced than you would have seen ten years ago.” This is true. As bad as the media environment is now, the media’s treatment of guns in the 90s is part of what radicalized me on this issue. They have gotten a bit better.

3 thoughts on “Six Million And Counting”

  1. Just thought of something.

    Remember the old Flintstone’s vitamin slogan?

    10 million strong… and growing.

    Even at just 2% of the population we’re rapidly approaching cultural significance in a consumer society. =)

    And if AZ goes through, those numbers won’t account for however many Arizonan’s who will, like me and a lot of Alaskan’s, carry regularly but don’t bother with a permit anymore because we aren’t traveling much. =)

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