NRA Board of Directors Endorsements

Carol Bambery
As everyone who reads Dave Hardy knows, Carol Bambery is one of the hardest working Board members at NRA. For us, her skills and background with the National Firearms Law Seminar stand out because she works hard on this program to help keep other attorneys up-to-date on the latest issues in the gun legal world. Carol also serves as Vice Chair of the Women’s Policies Committee and also worked to make sure that women’s voices were heard in both McDonald and Heller with special briefs. Carol is the kind of hard worker who can often be overlooked by those who don’t pay close attention, but that should indicate she’s not doing this for any glory. She’s in it because she’s clearly passionate about our rights.

Graham Hill
Graham would make a great addition to the Board based on his background working the Hill for sportsmen and gun owners. His addition to the Board would be a great infusion of fresh energy and perspective. He knows how to make things happen, and I believe he’ll serve gun owners of all stripes particularly well. You can read his bio in the magazine that shows he’s got experience with the favorite EBRs while being selected as Hunter of the Year for SCI and promoting access to the shooting sports for the disabled. This guy is truly well rounded – a shooter and hunter who also knows how to work with Washington.

Ken Hanson
Ken Hanson is an accomplished Second Amendment attorney with a long record of pro bono work on gun rights. He hold the legal chair of the Buckeye Firearms Association, and the author of “Ohio Guide to Firearms Law” now in its Third Edition. Ken was also Counsel of Record for briefs filed in both D.C. v. Heller and McDonald v. Chicago for both the Buckeye Firearms Association and the US Concealed Carry Association. In addition to that he fought a number of cases in Ohio State Courts, including the Ohio Supreme Court, fighting to preserve Ohioans right to carry and upholding state preemption. Ken’s record of accomplishment on the legal front is highly impressive, and I think he’d make a great addition to the NRA Board.

Bob Sanders
Bob brings a very useful background and specialty to the Board – two decades with the Department of Treasury. As an attorney who represents gun owners and folks in the industry, his specialized knowledge is worthwhile for many of the issues that NRA deals with in its various divisions from ILA to reviewing court cases. We consider this an asset worthy of your vote, as do other Board members who cite him as a great candidate.

Pete Brownell
Pretty much anyone who knows guns knows the Brownell name.  In addition to being a great company, Brownell’s is also an unwavering supporter of the Second Amendment, and does quite a lot with the community. We’re very pleased with Brownell’s efforts with new media outreach, and believe Pete can bring some of that knowledge and expertise to the NRA Board. Pete already serves on a number of related board, including Knife Rights, POMA, USA Shooting, and Pheasants Forever.

Tom King
Tom has been an early supporter of NRA’s outreach efforts to leaders in New Media. In addition to that, he’s a successful blogger in his own right, being one of the few members of the NRA Board to have a blog hosted with a mainstream media outlet. Tom is President of the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, and is a seasoned fighter for gun rights in New York State, which as you can imagine, is not an easy state for gun owners. Regardless, his record speaks for itself. New York State has not passed any anti-gun or anti-hunting legislation for a decade, and gun owners have managed to make some progress in the other direction. New York is an important state for gun owners, and it’s important to keep Tom on the NRA Board.

Sandra Froman
Bitter did a very long post about Sandy’s endorsement-worthy background during her last campaign. Much of that still holds true today. Froman is one of the most feisty advocates you’ll meet at NRA. She is out raising money to endow the programs side of the organization and testifying before the Senate against Sotomayor. She is a wildebeest hunter who got into the issue due to self-defense after a man tried to break down her door. As a Harvard Law & Stanford graduate female from the Bay Area, her activism is the kind that makes the folks at PETA, HSUS, and the Brady Campaign cry at night. Keep them shedding tears and vote for Sandy.

Governor Matt Blunt
We decided to endorse Gov. Blunt as a fresh political voice on the board. There are a handful of lawmakers on the Board of Directors with varying levels of involvement and sway in the world of politics. We believe that Gov. Blunt would bring a youthful new energy as a politician, provided he participates on the Board. Learn more about Gov. Blunt’s biography here.

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  1. I would like to add we also need people on the board that know and understand marksmanship, training and competition.

    After all that is the NRA’s main objective.

  2. I absolutely agree Rwilson. That’s our chief reason for endorsing Edie Reynolds last year, and a big factor that plays into wanting Pete Brownell on the board.

  3. I would like to know which candidates are in favor of getting rid of Uncle Wayne.

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