IGOLD 2010 Live Coverage

Looks like Thirdpower will be at Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day (IGOLD), but if you want to track the happenings live, check out Illinois State Rifle Association’s Twitter Feed.

3 Responses to “IGOLD 2010 Live Coverage”

  1. WPZ says:

    Just back from IGOLD. A beautiful day and a nice crowd of about 6000-7000.
    Wonderful to be exposed to Otis MacDonald and as ever, a fabulous job by our organizers, especially Valinda Rowe, who is destined for hero status in the gun-rights movement some day.
    But as predicted, not a peep of news coverage from the Chicago news media.
    Not on WGN/Chicago Tribune (same people), not on WBBM-AM, the most listened-to radio station in the state, comically calling itself “NewsRadio” 78.
    Not on Fox TV (local) news.
    If a tree fell in the forest…

  2. Thirdpower says:

    The ABC local did cover it. Short but balanced.

    We’ll see what (if anything) the Trib and Times have tomorrow.

  3. W.P.Z. says:

    Not a word anywhere.