One of Life’s Greatest Mysteries Solved

As most of you know, I attended a women’s college. One of the biggest mysteries to me was why many of the men I know asked me whether or not we used to have pillow fights. I cannot tell you how many have confessed that they just have this stereotype/fantasy of college girls in a single-sex environment having pillow fights.

I think I just found out why that fantasy exists – and how come it seems to be the same across age groups.

This dates back to 1897 and comes to us courtesy of Thomas Edison – yes, that Thomas Edison. He would have been 50 at the time, so I’m sure he quite enjoyed the short scene of romping young ladies.

5 thoughts on “One of Life’s Greatest Mysteries Solved”

  1. i never knew you attended a women’s college. You’ll have to explain.

  2. This is what comes of the constant drumbeat of “Pics or it didn’t happen.” I hope everyone is satisfied now.

  3. Was that Boris Karloff in drag that walked in through the door. Whover it was had to duck to get in.

    It is amazing to see stuff this old. Thanks!!

    And yes, animal house was better.

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