Camp Perry 1935

In this month’s copy of the PRPA Newsletter, the Pennsylvania Civilian Rifle Team from Camp Perry National Matches in 1935:

Click for a closer look. Everyone has what would have been the “assault weapon” of the time, the M1903 Springfield. But man, look at the size of those spotting scopes. Have optics really come that far in 75 years?

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  1. Look how far political correctness has come since 1935.

    30 years ago I was issued a 1903 Springfield in my high school JROTC unit on campus. Of course, we also had a range and a smallbore rifle team that competed with other high schools. Anti-freedom troll Jade Gold said that was a”myth, urban legend and didn’t happen” and said I was lying. Oh well. I still have the high school yearbook photos.

  2. I wonder how many of those guys in that photo signed up a few years later and how many of them paid the price so we can still go to Camp Perry?

  3. Yes, optics have improved that much in 75 years.

    Between computer modeling, CNC machining of lenses, modern coatings, and the like, optics are much better optically, and often lighter, too.

    (Not that the lenses of the 30s were “bad” – the problem of making an image sharp throughout the middle was well understood and thoroughly solved by then, and that’s the only really important one in a spotting scope.)

  4. Like the FatWhiteMan, I remember High School ROTC. Mine was an O3A3 produced by Remington. Now, if you were to go onto the campus of Oceanside High School with one? You would be fast tracked to the California Youth Authority.

    Can you say “Political Correctness?” I knew ya’ could!

  5. I think multiple layer optics are a big step forward, too. I would think that you can now change the optical density without adding significant weight or thickness/curvature. I’m not an optician, though.

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